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Scientific arguments for our products.. that's just what we needed. Above expectations, thanks!

- M. Hayes, CEO & Founder NeX Company – 

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Science House searches
in the archives of thousands of universities for valuable, innovative information for your organisation.

Science House writes
unique, relevant content for your website, newsletter and company presentation.


 Wetenschapshuis Voordelen VinkjeShow thought leadership

Display broad and deep knowledge of your market to your customers. Strengthen your market position as a reliable Thought Leader.

Wetenschapshuis Voordelen VinkjeOpportunities for innovation

Access to knowledge gives insight into new insights. It will bring you ideas. For new products and new market opportunities.

Wetenschapshuis Voordelen VinkjeMore visible in Google

With unique and valuable research content your company will be more visible online. It is a way of content marketing.

How it works


What solution does your organization need? What would you like to achieve? Science House examines your organization carefully. Takes a look at what scientific research you already have carried out and selects relevant subjects.


Millions of publications from thousands of universities available in open access databases. Science House follows proven methods to search and find useful articles for your organisation.


Scientific work is restricted by copyright. Science House knows what may be used and under what conditions, what you may use and how. It has some or all rights reserved, depending on the type of copyright.


Science House writes relevant content, referring to interesting research which gives opportunities for innovation. You will receive a ready-to-use text. Which you can use in your newsletter and presentation.

icoon Missie WetenschapshuisAn enormous amount of valuable information hidden in databases..


Science House opens doors, spreads knowledge and connects science and business.


Science House has been created as a connection between business and science. At universities around the world staff and students produce millions of dissertations, theses and other scientific studies.

It is about economics, human behavior, health and nutrition. About philosophy, marketing, chemistry, management and marketing, education, language, sociology and computer software.

The results of these publications are useful for companies. They give deeper insight into the market and their target audience and in innovative product developments. Science House opens doors, spreading knowledge and brings science into business.

In five years the number of Open Access Databases doubled to more than 2,500.

Not long ago, the doors of universities were almost completely closed. Access to scientific work was only possible when you were connected to a university. This is changing. More and more publications are available in open access databases. There is a lot of data available. Millions of researches spread across thousands of databases and universities. With complex regulations that vary from publication to publication. Copyright, database rights, creative commons licenses, and so on. Science House forms the connection between science and business. 

Science House is an initiative of M.L. (Mari) Tinnemans. She studied Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. The start was elsewhere, studying Technology, Policy and Management at the Technical University of Delft. Working experience? 10 years in sales and communication at multinational Cisco and various software and educational companies.

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